Freddie goes back to his roots
Freddie McGregor

TRUE to my Roots is the title of the new album by Freddie McGregor. It is scheduled for release in March.

McGregor describes the set — his first since 2013's Di Captain — as a "back to basics" album.

"I say dat because wi worked with people who wi did good work with over the years. Wi went back to the roots," he told the Jamaica Observer.

Some of those 'people' include the Browne brothers Glen (bass), Cleveland (drums) and guitarists Danny and Dalton.

McGregor, the Brownes, Lloyd Campbell and Donovan Germain share production credits.

Germain, head of Penthouse Records, produced Just Don't Want to be Lonely, the 1987 song that is one of McGregor's biggest hits.

True to my Roots will include a new version of What You Gonna Do, which McGregor first did for his 2000 album, Signature.

The album will be released first in Japan. It is earmarked for release in the United States in May.