Spreading history in Europe and beyond

FOR over 40 decades, the roots-reggae banner has held sway in Europe. The music of legends like Marley and Burning Spear may still dominate the airwaves, but 'warriors' like the Informative Historyman keep the flame burning in the underground.

'Historyman' recently returned to Jamaica from a month-long tour that saw him performing in Europe, as well as Israel and Colombia.

It was his most productive time on the road since he began touring Europe in 2008.

"Is the first I cover so many countries. It was my eighth time in Europe an' normally I do Germany, Belgium an' France but we expanded this time," said Historyman.

The tour started September 1 in France where he did five shows. Historyman then moved on to Portugal and Italy before closing that leg of the jaunt in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He performed in Santa Marta, Colombia on September 26.

Historyman, who describes his brand of roots music as 'edutainment', used the tour to promote his fourth album, Higher Heights, which was released in February by his Number Nine Records.

His previous album, Chronology Volume 1, was released in 2005.

"I neva rush to put out an album. People like when yuh tek time an do yuh works," he said.

Burning Spear ruled the European circuit through relentless touring. Culture, the Mighty Diamonds and The Gladiators are also popular there.

In recent years, Anthony B, Junior Kelly and Jah Mason have assumed their mantle.

Born Andrew Kiffin in Kingston, the Informative Historyman began recording in 1992. His best known song is Bob Marley Story.

He is scheduled to perform at the Peter Tosh Seminar on October 19 at the University of the West Indies' Mona campus.