Tell Dem its singer's time

Michael Stewart

BECAUSE he was weaned on the sounds of Bob Andy, John Holt and Gregory Isaacs, Michael Stewart said he always had a preference for singers.

The vocalist is the focus of Pick Yu Choice Volume Two, a compilation of songs by artistes such as Ambelique, Wayne Wade, Mikey Spice and Fiona.

Produced by Stewart, who is known as Mikey Shine, the set is released by his Tell Dem Music label which operates out of South Florida.

Its current releases include Tell Her by Wade, a veteran artiste best known for the 1992 hit, Love You too Much, and Mikey Spice's Don't Tell Me.

The Manchester-born Stewart is also a songwriter who wrote most of the tracks on 'Pick Yu Choice'.

Influenced by the penmanship of Andy and the American super team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, he said "The focus of Tell Dem music is to provide quality and 'artentic' music in general for music lovers. The topics I look at requires singers."

The 57-year-old Stewart has been involved in the music business for over 30 years, starting out as owner of the Ambassadors High Power sound system.

After establishing the Fatima Music label in 2002, he began producing and writing songs. Stewart's first release was the Pick Yu Choice Volume One compilation.