Jet Star

Jet Star (formally Jet Star Phonographics Ltd.) was a United Kingdom record distribution company that grew out of Pama Records in 1978. It was one of the largest distributors of reggae music, the company themselves claiming the title "the world's largest reggae distributors".


Jet Star was formed in 1978 by the Palmer Brothers, who had previously run Pama Records. The new company began releasing records on its Charm label. The Reggae Hits series was started in 1984 and becoming the world's longest-running series of reggae compilations. Further series of album releases followed, including Just Ragga, Pure Lovers, and Jungle Hits. Some of their most successful titles were reissued on their Reggae Gold and Reggae Max labels, which are considered among the best introductions to the artists featured.

In 2008, Jet Star went into administration and was sold to Phoenix Music International Ltd.

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