Tyrone Evans

Tyrone Evans, born Garth Evans, (c.1944 – 19 October 2000) was a vocalist and a founding member of the Paragons. When the group disbanded in 1970, Evans emigrated to the USA with his family.


b. Garth Evans, c.1944, Jamaica, West Indies, d. 19 October 2000, New York, USA. While vocalist Evans was enjoying success with the Paragons he also recorded the little known solo side 'I Don't Care', at Coxsone Dodd's Studio One alongside his early collaborator Bob Andy. In spite of their immense popularity the Paragons were unable to sustain a living from the Jamaican recording industry and disbanded in 1970.

Evans then emigrated to the USA with his family. He embarked on a solo career recording sporadic hits, notably with Lloyd Barnes, although by the late 70s Evans was back at Studio One. Dodd released the sublime, 'How Sweet It Is', that revitalised the singer's career. The song proved a false start following the success of Blondie's cover version of the Paragons' 'The Tide Is High' that resulted in the re-formation of the group for the release of Sly & Robbie Meet The Paragons and Now. In spite of the distinctive style of the albums the group failed to achieve the success they deserved and Evans returned to New York. It was at this time that he released the classic Sings Bullwackies Style which is regarded as his definitive album. In 1983, he returned to Jamaica where he formed an allegiance with Winston Riley who recorded and released Don Evans (that also became his stage name).

A series of releases maintained Evans' profile, including The Dynamic Duo with Audrey Hall and Satisfaction, as well as the notable singles, 'Lonesome Lad' and the dancehall hit alongside DJ John Wayne, 'War International'. Evans' untimely demise from cancer resulted in a revived interest in the Paragons and his classic Wackies release.

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